Welcome to the Bizo API and Developer Network!

The Bizo API supports a number of functions or "methods".  They Profile API is the most commonly used API method.  It provides real time access to the bizographics on a user who is arriving or has arrived to your web site. 


  • This Bizo API is generally used by Private Audience Targeting partners or Bizo Engage partners.


The Bizo Engage API is free for up to 200 queries per 24 hour period. Once volumes have exceeded the minimum, a subscription must be purchased. 

For more information please contact us here.

Bizo Audience Analytics

Bizo Audience Analytics is a simple reporting tool that allows any site owner to see the bizographics of the visitors on their site.  Best of all, its free!  Click here to sign up now.


If you are a developer interested in creating a product or service that leverages the Bizo API, we welcome you to do so!  The pricing is the same as with our standard API, so you only pay as you grow.  Please see the Developer Program Terms for details.


Bizo Engage API Terms of Service